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OurBlind is a community of blind and visually impaired people, their family and friends, and allies, from around the world. Its members comprise the spectrum of age, gender, orientation, and geography, however we hold one thing in common: we live life with and around blindness in a sighted world. Though occasionally challenging, we know the blind can live fulfilling lives just as everyone else. Whether you’ve been blind or visually impaired since birth or are beginning your journey, or you’re sharing that journey with somebody else, we’re happy to have you.

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What’s The Best Way To Use Lemmy?

Much like Reddit, there is a web interface for Lemmy. You can even install it as a web app on your computer or phone through your web browser of choice. The moderators have and continue to work with the developers to improve accessibility.

Accessible native apps are already available: developers of Mlem, a Lemmy app for iPhone and iPad, are integrating native accessibility. Thunder has performed well on both iOS and Android.